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Highly-Portable CompactRIO/CompactDAQ Modular Chassis

Pair Precision Filters signal conditioning modules with NI 24-bit digitizers and APEX DS control and analysis software for a complete rotating machinery acquisition system for strain, dynamic strain, bridge and charge measurements.

  • Choice of 4, 8 and 14 module chassis in NI CompactDAQ and CompactRIO platforms
  • Up to 102.4 KSPS/ch, 24-bit digitizers w/ integrated IEPE inputs
  • PFI Signal Conditioning for strain, charge and bridge type systems
  • Voltage insertion calibration
  • Strain gage chopper calibration
  • Real time strain gage loop resistance measurements
  • Compact and rugged NI C Series platform
  • -40 to 70 °C operating range
  • Runs with APEX DS software via USB connection to laptop

See supported modules and technical specifications below


      • Measure voltage, acceleration, sound and strain in highly compact configuration using integrated IEPE signal conditioning, or separate strain conditioning modules
      • Excellent for small field tests in harsh environments where higher channels counts are needed


      • Highly portable and rugged
      • USB powered
      • Scalable – higher channel counts
      • High sample rate, 24 bits, anti-aliasing filters
      • Integrated signal conditioning for IEPE
      • Combine with C-series signal conditioning modules from Precision Filters to support other measurements such as strain
      • Easy set up and calibration in APEX DS
Apex Turbine Testing Technologies is an Alliance Partner with National Instruments
Data Acquisition Systems Powered By APEX DS Software

Highly-Portable Hardware Supported by APEX DS Software

National Instruments 9234 C-Series Card



NI-9234– 4 Channels

Measure Voltage
Measure IEPE
NI CompactRIO

Up to 8 Slots, Seamless Monitoring and control through Ethernet

NI CompactDAQ

Up to 8 Slots, Integrated Controller and processor options

Ultra Portable-CompactRIO Legend
Ultra Portable-CompactRIO - NI-9232 Card
Ultra Portable-CompactRIO - NI-9234 Card
Ultra Portable-CompactRIO- PFI-9102 Card
Ultra Portable-CompactRIO- PFI-9302 Card
Ultra Portable-CompactRIO- PFI-9452 Card
Ultra Portable-CompactRIO- PFI-9602 Card
Ultra Portable-CompactRIO
Ultra Portable-CompactDAQ

Integrated Solutions with DS Data Acquisition Software

DS-2018.1 Dynamic Data Acquisition Software Engineering Plots

Ultra-Portable Hardware Supported in APEX DS Software

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National Instruments 9232 C-Series Card

NI-9232– 3 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, AC/DC

National Instruments 9234 C-Series Card

NI-9234– 3 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, AC/DC

Precision Filters Inc PFI-9102

PFI-9102– 2 Channels

Voltage, Strain, Bridge, AC/DC

Precision Filters Inc PFI-9302
Precision Filters PFI-9452 Strain Measurment
Precision Filters Inc PFI-9602

PFI-9602– 2 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, AC/DC

NI CompactRIO

NI Compact RIO

Up to 8 Slots, Seamless Monitoring and Control Through Ethernet

NI CompactDAQ
NI Compact DAQ

Up to 8 Slots, Integrated Controller and Processor Options


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