APEX Announces New Token-based Licensing Model for Offline Signal Processing Software (DX/DV)

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APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc., a global leader in turbomachinery testing and analysis solutions, today announced a new simplified and a flexible, token-based licensing model for their industry leading offline signal processing and analysis products, DX and DV. Token based licensing is an all new licensing mechanism that provides customers access to all features of the APEX DX and DV data analysis products using one, flexible, simplified licensing structure.

DX and DV are the first APEX products to take advantage of this new licensing mechanism; however, all other APEX analysis products, including the BT tip-timing, post processing software, will eventually share the same token license pool once the transition is complete.

At the 2019 APEX User Conference last week in Nashville, APEX President and CEO Dr. Kurt Nichol unveiled the new licensing to current users.

Throughout our 18-year history APEX has always strived to deliver state of the art, flexible data acquisition and analysis software to our users. Token based licensing is a natural extension of this philosophy, allowing users to access all our offline analysis modules without upgrading the software every time a new module is released. Users can now use tokens to access all features based on their specific needs and analysis requirements. This makes APEX not only the best choice for offline signal processing and analysis but also the most flexible and cost-effective option as well

Dr. Kurt Nichol, President/CEO of Apex Turbine Testing Technologies

With token licensing, users share a pool of analysis tokens on their network. Analysis features within any of the APEX analysis products have token values assigned that are dynamically allocated when a user launches an application or uses one of the features. This means that all users have access to all features simply by using whatever features they want. Once a user finishes their session, the tokens are returned to the token pool for other analysts to use.

Analysis features in DX include basic time and frequency domain analysis, order processing, Aeromechanical analysis, limits, automated response detection (aka collections), batch printing, and parameter merge. And, by popular demand, APEX has upgraded the free Data Viewer, DV, to include features like foreign file playback, multi-window view and the ability to save projects. All these premium features can be activated with the same analysis tokens used for DX. Features available with APEX Analysis Tokens include:

DX Offline Signal Processing Software Environment Features

  • Aeromechanical Toolkit – Activate advanced engineering plots like Campbell Diagrams, Waterfalls, Z-Mods, Strip Charts, Bode, Tracking Plot and Response Table as well as Peak Processing to improve magnitude and frequency accuracy.
  • Rotating Machinery Toolkit – Activate order domain analysis and perform temporal (FFT) and spatial (Order) analysis. Accurately calculate phase and magnitude as it relates RPM.
  • Auto Response Detection – Efficiently process big data by extracting key responses using DX’s powerful detection methods including Largest Peak, Grid Based, and EO Based.
  • Limits – Easily compare data to pass/fail criteria and present results in a variety of ways.
  • Parameter Merge – Merge low speed parameter data into dynamic data for interactive plotting or for trending or statistical analysis.
  • Batch Processing – Efficiently process large amounts of data into preformatted reports or response collections simultaneously.

DV Free Data Viewer Premium Features

  • DATX replay – Replay .datx files recorded outside of APEX products
  • Multiview – View DV on multiple screens.
  • Save Projects – Saves plot setup display and project infor preferences.
  • Disable Ads – Disables the APEX product banner within the DV Free Viewer.

In addition to perpetual analysis tokens, APEX can also lease or provide token subscriptions. Either of these licensing models can be used to add tokens during high use or testing periods or on an as-needed basis. This also offers the potential to shift from capital expense (CapEx) purchases to operational expense (OpEx) purchases.  APEX offers short-term and long-term options.

The transition to token licensing for APEX analysis products allows customers the flexibility to access all the industry leading analysis features APEX offers along with the flexibility to choose the options which best fit the user’s current needs.

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