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Support Ticket Tracker

APEX has released a new update to our User Site that helps Super Users easily track support requests via the “Ticket Tracker.” The new Ticket Tracker is available under the “Help Desk” menu.
Newly entered tickets begin the process by being labeled as “New” and continue to move visually through the tracker as the status is updated. The ticket will continue through the tracker until it reaches the final position of “Closed”. Support tickets closed within the last 30 days are visible in the “Closed” column of the tracker. As always, when changes are made to your support ticket, an email will be sent to notify you of that change.

The ticket status positions on the User Site pipeline are as follows:

  • New-Newly created ticket has been submitted to the user site.
  • In Queue-Ticket is in line to be evaluated.
  • Evaluating-Ticket is currently being evaluated.
  • Additional Info Required-Ticket requires additional customer feedback.
  • In Development-Ticket is currently being worked by our software development team
  • In QA-Ticket is being tested during our QA process.
  • Closed-Features or bug fixes have been released, if applicable, and the ticket is now closed.


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