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Telemetry System

Datatel is an industry leader, providing advanced turn-key telemetry systems for blade vibration, dynamic or static pressure and temperature surveys on industrial turbomachinery. Datatel’s telemetry solutions are high-performance and modular with 600+ channel capability for simultaneous transmission of static & dynamic strain gage, thermocouple and pressure transducer signals from turbomachinery rotors.

Datatel Telemetry
  • Contact-less transmission of data and power
  • Single and multi-channel technology
  • Direct connection to sensors possible
  • High signal bandwidth (up to 50kHz [-3dB])
  • High level of measurement accuracy and signal quality
  • Telemetry transmitters with integrated diagnostic functions that can be remote controlled
  • Easy to commission and handle

Capable of connecting several systems together via a BUS cable

APEX Turbine has teamed up with Datatel to provide a new and better way to test rotors. New, direct digital interface improves data quality while lowering costs. By bypassing the digital to analog conversion, users are able reduce noise and loss of data quality that comes with multiple, now unnecessary, data conversations. Datatel offers the ability to test through either analog or digital paths and sends digital data directly to DS by direct Ethernet cabling. This setup eliminates the spaghetti mess of copper cables that normally accompanies these acquisition systems allowing a much simpler solution at a lower cost.

Datatel Telemetry Solution
Datatel Telemetry Solution
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APEX Turbine is the US Agent for Datatel telemetry and can offer complete data acquisition solutions including telemetry. Learn more about Datatel Telemtry hardware by going to http://www.datatel-telemetry.de/en/.