Signal Workbench Signal Conditioning System

Signal Conditioning System can be combined with any Data Acquisition System for aid in measuring strain. 

  • 4-channel selectable conditioning modules
  • GUI-programmable current and voltage sources
  • AC and DC coupling o 100 KHz bandwidth
  • Thermocouple conditioning options
  • Up to 16 conditioning modules per chassis


      • Lab based installations
      • Multi-functional signal conditioning testing required


      • Programmable signal conditioning
      • Full, half or quarter bridge configuration
      • Multi-functional and economical
      • Support for Thermocouple cards

Pair any Signal Conditioning System  with one of our available Data Acquisition Systems running DS Data Acquisition Software for a complete solution of 100+ channels or contact us today to learn how our products can integrate with your existing hardware.


Supported Concurrent Hardware

Concurrent Signal Workbench Signal Conditioning

Programmable Signal Conditioner, supports 9460 series 4 channel cards

Signal Conditioning-Concurrent supported hardware-Signal Workbench

Concurrent Signal Conditioning Hardware Supported in APEX DS Software

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Concurrent Signal Workbench Signal Conditioning

Signal Workbench

Programmable signal conditioning system, supports 9460 4 channel cards


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