Ruggedized RX0124 & RX0224

System can be configured to measure Voltage, Strain, and IEPE.

  • 24 Channels
  • Bridge/Strain gage measurements (RX0124)
  • Dynamic and static bridge supported (RX0124)
  • 128 Ksa/sec, 24 bit resolution
  • DC Powered
  • Charge vibration measurements (RX0224)
  • Full charge signal conditioning (RX0224)
  • Rugged Design


      • Can be used for portable tests in harsh environments
      • Near-engine installation to reduce copper sensor lead wires
      • Can be mounted directly to engine thrust frame or near power generator
      • Harsh environment applications


      • High performance strain measurement capability in a rugged platform
      • Designed to work seamlessly with the other rugged and non-rugged VTI Instruments Sentinel products (RX0224 Charge, EMX PXIe based products, RX1032 Temperature)
      • Built in self test/self calibration for high measurement data confidence
      • DC coupled Static strain measurement capability for ¼, ½, and Full Bridge. Supports 120 ohm, 350 ohm, and 1000 ohm directly.
      • AC coupled Dynamic strain for 2 wire ¼ bridge measurements using constant current excitation
      • TEDs or smart transducer support for  automatic transducer recognition greatly simplifies test setup
Data Acquisition Systems Powered By APEX DS Software

Ruggedized VTI Instruments Hardware Supported by APEX DS Software

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Ruggedized-RX Series supported hardware-124
Ruggedized-RX Series supported hardware-224

Integrated Solutions with DS Data Acquisition Software


Ruggedized Hardware Supported in APEX DS Software

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VTI Instruments RX0124

RX0124 – 24 Channels

Voltage, Strain, Bridge

VTI Instruments RX0224

RX0224 – 24 Channels

Voltage, Strain, Bridge


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