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Ruggedized 7000 Ethernet DAS

Devices support voltage, bridge and dynamic strain analog inputs 

  • 16 channels 
  • strain gage, bridge, or voltage transducers
  • IEPE (Coming Soon)
  • 10 kHz, 50 kHz or 100 kHz analog bandwidth
  • DC Powered
  • Rugged Design


      • Can be used for portable tests in harsh environments
      • Near-engine installation to reduce copper sensor lead wires
      • Can be mounted directly to engine thrust frame or near power generator
      • Harsh environment applications


      • Temperature compensation provides continuous, real-time adjustment of excitation and gain across the entire operating range

                   – Maintains accuracy 0.1% or better

      • Designed to live in the test cell and easily distributed for large test environments 
      • Continuously programmable gain from 1–1000
      • Bridge completion, excitation, shunt calibration settable per channel
      • Built-in voltage reference for in-place calibration and health check
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Ruggedized Pacific Instruments Hardware Supported by APEX DS Software

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Ruggedized Hardware Supported in APEX DS Software

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Pacific Instruments Series 7000 Ethernet DAS


Voltage, Strain, Bridge, (IEPE Coming Soon)


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