Prime Photonics Completes Validation of DAQ+ For Real-Time Blade Vibration Data

Prime Photonics is pleased to announce an exciting new real-time test operations and vibration analysis software package for FOCIS™ rotor blade tip timing systems, DAQ+.


DAQ+ combines data acquisition and real-time analysis of blade vibration data, offering capabilities such as real-time population of Campbell diagrams, real-time Sine Wave Analysis Technique (SWAT) plots, and real-time detection and analysis of traveling waves.  DAQ+ is also a full-featured test operations solution with data integrity checks and configurable alarms for test operators.  DAQ+ is available today and is backward compatible with all FOCIS™ Data Capture hardware.

DAQ+ is developed by Apex Turbine Testing Technologies, a specialist of test data acquisition and analysis software for turbomachinery OEMs, users, and test centers.  In addition to data acquisition and analysis of Prime Photonics tip timing data, DAQ+ carries seamless integration to a variety of digitizer hardware from industry-leading brands such as Datatel Telemetry, National Instruments, VTI/Ametek, and Scanivalve.  Users can now compare tip timing data with other data from strain gauges, pressure sensors, thermocouples and more, providing users the ability to easily perform time-correlated analysis of their test data.

More information about FOCIS™ rotor blade tip timing systems

DAQ+ Next Generation Data Acquisition Software

Next Generation DAQ

Article Provided Courtesy of Prime Photonics, LLC

Author: Eric Grandjacques, Commercial Director at Prime Photonics.


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