Portable PXIe-1082 Modular Chassis

Portable systems with a wide range of I/O options including integrated signal conditioning for voltage, acceleration, microphone and strain measurements

  • Wide variety of PXI/PXIe analog input cards supporting voltage, IEPE and strain signal conditioning
  • 1 S/s/ch – 1.25 MS/s/ch
  • Up to 224 channels in PXIe-1082 chassis
  • 24 bit, anti-aliasing filters
  • 0 to 55 deg C operating range
  • Runs with APEX DS on Embedded Controller PC

See supported modules and technical specifications below


      • Higher channel count, higher sample rate field tests
      • Moderate environmental conditions
      • Wide variety of signal conditioning options for voltage, acceleration, strain, microphone, tachometer, proximity probe, and dynamic pressure


      • Based on PXI, an open industry standard bus managed by the PXI Systems Alliance (>80 member companies, www.pxisa.org)
      • Obsolescence mitigation plan through partnership with National Instruments
      • Multi-chassis synchronization allows expansion to larger channel systems
      • “All-in-one” package with embedded PC/controller and optional touch screen monitor and keyboard accessory unit
      • Pair with separate signal conditioning to expand sensor measurement capabilities even further*

*Note: Separate signal conditioning may not meet portability requirements

Apex Turbine Testing Technologies is an Alliance Partner with National Instruments
Data Acquisition Systems Powered By APEX DS Software

Portable Hardware Supported by

APEX DS Software

NI PXIe-1082

8-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis with AC, Up to 8 GB/s system bandwidth

Precision Filters Inc. 28002 Signal Conditioning

Portable, 2 slot Signal Conditioning System,  condition up to 32 channels,  sensor specific cards

Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-legend
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4462
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4464
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4492
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4495
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4496
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4497
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4498
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4499
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4331
Portable-pxi-1082 supported hardware-4353

Integrated Solutions with DS Data Acquisition Software

DS-2018.1 Dynamic Data Acquisition Software Engineering Plots

Portable Hardware Supported in APEX DS Software

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NI PXI-4462

PXI-4462 – 4 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, AC/DC

NI PXIe-4464

PXI-4464 – 4 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, Microphone, BEST SELLER!

NI PXIe-4492

PXI-4492 – 8 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, AC/DC

NI PXIe-4495
NI PXIe-4495

PXI-4496 – 16 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, AC

NI PXIe-4497

PXI-4497 – 16 Channels


NI PXIe-4495

PXI-4498 – 16 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, AC

NI PXIe-4499

PXI-4499 – 16 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, Microphone, AC/DC

NI PXIe-4331

PXI-4331 – 8 Channels

Voltage, Strain, Bridge

NI PXIe-4353
NI PXIe-1082


8-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis with AC, Up to 8 GB/s System Bandwidth

Precision Filters Inc. 28002 Signal Conditioning

PFI 28002

Portable, 2-Slot Signal Conditioning System, Condition Up to 32 Channels, Sensor Specific Cards


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