Portable DEWE2-A4L

Device support for voltage, strain and IEPE analog inputs 

  • Easy to use MULTI-TOUCH screen
  • Modular system with 4 exchangable slots
  • Light-weight all-in-one system
  • Long-term measurements
  • Sampling rates up to 50kHz
  • Runs with APEX DS 

See technical specifications below


      • Portable testing
      • Continuous, long-term recording
      • Synchronized signal sources


      • MULTI-TOUCH gestures make TrendCorder as easy to use as a smart phone
      • Flexibility of 4 slots with exchangable TRION™ modules for virtually any sensor
      • Expandable Low-speed inputs like thermocouples, connect directly to the EPAD connector and do not use any of the high-speed slots
      • Reliable SSD for OS and dedicated 1TB hard disk for data within a removable bay
      • Continuous gap-free storing of up to 200MB/s
      • Real-time review of data from the start while still recording
Data Acquisition Systems Powered By APEX DS Software

Portable Hardware Supported by APEX DS Software

Portable Systems Legend-DEWE2
Portable-DEWE2 supported hardware-Legend
Portable-DEWE2 supported hardware-2402MULTI4Channel
Portable-DEWE2 supported hardware-2402MULTI8Channel
Portable-DEWE2 supported hardware-2402dacc
Portable-DEWE2 supported hardware-2402dstg

Integrated Solutions with DS Data Acquisition Software

DS-2018.1 Dynamic Data Acquisition Software Engineering Plots

Portable Hardware Supported in APEX DS Software

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Dewetron TRION-2402-MULTI-4-D Card

2402-MULTI- 4 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, Bridge

Dewetron TRION-2402-MULTII-8-L0B

2402-MULTI- 8 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, Bridge



2402-dACC-8 Channels

Voltage, Strain, CNT, RTD


2402-dSTG- 8 Channels

Voltage, Strain, IEPE, Bridge


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