Portable CMX09 Modular Chassis

Analog inputs for Voltage and IEPE.  Other measurements including strain with the addition of stand-alone signal conditioning.

  • Integrated IEPE signal conditioning
  • Up to 204.8 Ks/s/ch
  • Up to 96 channels in CMX09R chassis
  • 24 bit, anti-aliasing filters
  • Single ended or differential inputs
  • Supports 1588 PTP
  • Runs with APEX DS on laptop or auxiliary computer over Ethernet

See technical specifications below


      • Higher channel count, higher sample rate field tests
      • Moderate environmental conditions
      • Signal conditioning options for voltage, acceleration, and microphone measurements


      • Modular configuration gives easy system expandability
      • Leverages the common off the shelf PXIe platform
      • GigE Ethernet connectivity with PTP support allows users to easily distribute systems using multiple chassis
      • PTP/IEEE 1588 also provides data time stamping and synchronization with rugged solutions and other measurement instruments
      • Built-in self test gives uses a high level of measurement confidence.  Provides ability to get go/no go status of the instruments
      • Pair with separate signal conditioning to expand sensor measurement capabilities even further*

* Note: Separate signal conditioning may not meet portability requirements

Data Acquisition Systems Powered By APEX DS Software

Portable Hardware Supported by APEX DS Software

VTI EMX-4008




8 channel breakout box for use with EMX-4251 

VTI EMX-4016
16 channel breakout box  for use with EMX-4250



9-slot PXIe High Performance rugged 4U chassis up to 8GB/s bandwidth

Precision Filters Inc. 28002 Signal Conditioning

 Portable, 2 slot signal conditioning system,  condition up to 32 channels,  sensor specific cards

Portable-CMX09 Supported Hardware-legend
Portable-CMX09 Supported Hardware-EMX-4250 Card
Portable-CMX09 Supported Hardware-EMX-4251 Card
Portable-CMX09 Supported Hardware-EMX-4008 Breakout Box
Portable-CMX09 Supported Hardware-EMX-4016 Breakout Box

Integrated Solutions with DS Data Acquisition Software

DS-2018.1 Dynamic Data Acquisition Software Engineering Plots

Portable Hardware Supported in APEX DS Software

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VTI EMX-4250

EMX-4250-16 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, Microphone

VTI EMX-4250

EMX-4251–8 Channels

Voltage, IEPE, Microphone

VTI EMX-4008

EMX-4008 Breakout Box

8 Channel Breakout Box for Use with EMX-4251 Card

VTI EMX-4016

EMX-4016 Breakout Box

16 Channel Breakout Box for Use with EMX-4250 Card



9-Slot High Performance Rugged 4U Chassis with Up to 8 GB/s Bandwidth

Precision Filters Inc. 28002 Signal Conditioning

Precision Filters, Inc. PF 28002

Portable, 2-Slot Signal Conditioning System, Condition up to 32 Channels, Sensor Specific Cards


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