DX Version 2021.29 features a new cursor selected point linking for multiple plot types. This feature is referred to as “Cursor Linking” and is represented on the plot as a dotted line. Easily scrub through the…
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ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, Tenn. – Structural testing of new turbine engine designs can result in terabytes of data recorded from hundreds of sensors.  This data – collected during High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) characterization tests – traditionally required experts months to analyze and determine if the engine is safe to operate in an aircraft.
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Prime Photonics is pleased to announce an exciting new real-time test operations and vibration analysis software package for FOCIS™ rotor blade tip timing systems, DAQ+…..
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APEX continues to refine our flagship dynamic data acquisition product, DS, with our latest release 2020.15.  This newest version of DS provides the mechanism for our customers to access our brand new licensing mechanism called ….
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APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. is releasing DX Version 2020.8.  List of improvements below: Added training license file to package with training data files to package directory “training” (DX#770)…
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For over 20 years, APEX has offered comprehensive turbine testing solutions from highly experienced designers and integrators that benefit turbomachinery OEM’s around the world. 
We design industry leading test solutions world-wide!

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APEX Releases Updates to DX version 2019


July 10, 2019
DX now includes a new training mode where all features of DX can be accessed without using your regular analysis tokens.  This means that new users can learn how to use.… ”


APEX Releases Updates to GageMap version 3.12


May 30, 2019
APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. is announcing the latest GageMap release, version 3.12.20.   This new GageMap update includes enhanced performance and contains minor quality improvements.… ”


APEX Announces New Token Based Licensing For Offline Signal Processing Software (DX/DV)


March 12, 2019
“APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc., a global leader in turbomachinery testing and analysis solutions, today announced a new simplified and a flexible, token-based licensing model for their industry leading offline signal processing and analysis products, DX and DV. Token based licensing is an all new licensing mechanism that provides… ”


APEX Releases DS Version 2019.5-Dynamic Data Acquisition Software


February 1, 2019
“New version of DS Data Acquisition software is available.  This release includes some minor improvements to the overall functionality… ”


APEX Releases DX Version 2019.5-Offline Signal Processing Software


February 1, 2019
“New version of DX Analysis software is available.  This release includes some minor improvements to the overall functionality… ”


APEX Releases DS Version 2018.52-Dynamic Data Acquisition Software


December 20, 2018
APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. is announcing the latest DS release, version 2018.52.  This release includes new options for native recording data to DATX format including the ability to gap channel numbers for.. ”


APEX Releases DX 2018.49 with new ways to analyze data


December 11, 2018
APEX is releasing DX 2018.49 featuring several new ways to analyze data.  Introducing Batch Processing!  This new type of processing allows for numerous simultaneous file processing. In addition.. ”


APEX Releases GageMap Version 2017 3.12-Mesh-Free FEA Analysis Software


August 27, 2018
APEX GageMap 2017 3.12 Update Now Available.  APEX is releasing GageMap 2017 3.12 with some minor bug fixes and a few feature enhancements including added support for… 


APEX Releases DS Version 2018.1.1-Dynamic Data Acquisition Software


August 3, 2018
APEX DS 2018.1.1 Update Now Avalable.  APEX is releasing DS 2018.1.1 which addresses some of the minor issues relating to the overall functionality and quality.. 


APEX Adds Rotating Machinery Toolkit to DX Offline Signal Processing Software Environment


September 6, 2017
APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. is announcing the addition of a rotating machinery toolkit which extends the capabilities of their DX offline signal processing environment to include order tracking analysis.  Order domain processing compliments.. 


APEX Releases GageMap Version 2017.3 – Mesh-Free FEA Post Analysis Software

August 7, 2017
“APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. has just released the latest version of their Mesh-Free, FEA Post Analysis GageMap product.  GageMap version 2017.3 not only has significant processing speed improvements but also extends model support through ANSYS version 18.1 and ABAQUS version 14.  In addition, the new GageMap release includes:”


APEX and DEWETRON Announce Collaboration

May 23, 2017
“APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. and DEWETRON, Inc. are pleased to announce a joint collaboration to deliver integrated dynamic data acquisition systems (DDAS) featuring the DS software application from APEX Turbine and a variety of DEWETRON signal conditioning and digitizer products. The agreement allows both companies to offer fully integrated solutions worldwide.”


VTI & APEX Turbine Partner to Expand Propulsion & Power Industry Solutions

April 17, 2015
“VTI Instruments announced today that it has entered into a partnership with APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, becoming a central provider of hardware used in the company’s turbomachinery and aeromechanical testing and analysis solutions. This partnership will help VTI Instruments become better positioned within the propulsion and power industry, and will also benefit APEX in providing precision instrumentation for their turn-key test and analysis solutions.”


EDAS, Inc. Announces Corporate Name Change to APEX Turbine Testing Technologies

February 23, 2015
“Experimental Design and Analysis Solutions, Inc. (EDAS) announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Apex Turbine Testing Technologies effective immediately. The name change is part of a re-branding initiative to better align the Company’s name with the solutions it provides as well as future products, currently under development.”


EDAS, Inc. Announces Collaboration with TEAC

January 9, 2015
“EDAS announced today that it is collaborating with TEAC Corporation in Tokyo, Japan to deliver turn-key data acquisition solutions.  This collaboration will pair industry leading DS data acquisition and real time monitoring software with the TEAC WX-7000 series of data recorders.”


EDAS, Inc. Works With National Instruments to Provide World-Class Vibration Test and Analysis System to the US Air Force Compressor Research Facility

October 25, 2012
“EDAS announced today that it had been awarded a major contract from the United States Air Force for a comprehensive vibration data acquisition, real time monitoring and analysis system for use at the Compressor Research Facility at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. The new system replaces obsolete equipment and greatly enhances performance and functionality for testing the Air Forces’ next generation propulsion technology.”