APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. and MECALC Technologies, Inc. are pleased to announce a partnership to deliver integrated dynamic data acquisition systems (DDAS) featuring the DS software application from APEX Turbine and a variety of MECALC signal conditioning and digitizer products. The agreement allows…
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APEX BT Blade Tip Timing Analysis Software-SWAT Plots
APEX has released a new update to BT Post-Processing Blade Vibration Analysis Software. The BT software has undergone a user interface..
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GageMap SDR Converter
The SDR Converter has some major changes! Ansys converter now works completely off of RST result files(compressed or non-compressed RST files). CDB’s are no longer..
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APEX has released a new update to our User Site that helps Super Users easily track support requests via the “Ticket Tracker.” The new Ticket Tracker is..
DX Offline Analysis Software-Plot Cursor Linking
DX Version 2021.29 features a new cursor selected point linking for multiple plot types. This feature is referred to as “Cursor Linking” and is represented on the plot as a dotted line. Easily scrub through the…
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For over 20 years, APEX has offered comprehensive turbine testing solutions from highly experienced designers and integrators that benefit turbomachinery OEM’s around the world. 
We design industry leading test solutions world-wide!

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