November 18, 2019

DX 2019.46 RELEASE

Apex Turbine Testing Technologies releases DX Version 2019.46​ DX version 2019.46 features borrowing tokens to access analysis features and offers a way to password protect licensing.  In addition to license feature upgrades, DX version 2019.46 also has added ability to specify Automated Response Detection(Collections) parameters for export with the tools needed to export mulitple speeds for Order Peaks to CSV.  Exporting also includes all parameters to Extended Envelope CSV output.

July 10, 2019

DX 2019.28 RELEASE

APEX Releases DX 2019.28-Signal Processing Software DX now includes a new training mode where all features of DX can be accessed without using your regular analysis tokens.  This means that new users can learn how to use DX even if all your analysis tokens are being used for production work.  And of course, it can also be used by new customers who just want to try DX before they buy.  See the full list of minor improvements below:
APEX Releases Update to GageMap 3.12-Mesh-Free FEA Analysis Software APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. is announcing the latest GageMap release, version 3.12.20.   This new GageMap update includes enhanced performance and contains minor quality improvements.  This version also features several updates to GMscript. See the full list of updates below:

April 30, 2019

DX 2019.18 RELEASE

APEX Releases DX 2019.18-Offline Signal Processing Software APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. is announcing the latest DX release, version 2019.18 with the brand new token licensing model.  New version of DX Analysis software is available with the brand new token licensing model.  This new DX release includes over 40 updates that dramatically improve reliability and the overall product quality.  DX 2019.18 better manages
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