New Updates For APEX DS, DX, DM, and SDR Converter

APEX has released new versions of DS, DX , DM and the SDR Converter. These new versions are available for download to current customers through the APEX User Site.

DS Data Acquisition Software

APEX DS 2021.50 release features improved phase calculations and introduces a new plugin “statlimit” with alarms page to monitor signal statistics. Additional tach channel setup options created for rising/falling edge and minimum signal amplitude for decoding. Also computed channels were added and processing stages can be enabled/disabled on a per-channel basis.


Full List of Improvements:

  • Computed channels added
  • Phase calculations improved
  • Additional tach channel setup options: rising/falling edge and minimum signal amplitude for decoding
  • DS device interface now supports devices with dedicated tach channels
  • Reworked, expanded cursor options on Magnitude plots
  • Support for Mecalc Devices added
  • VTI Drivers Updated
  • Added new plugin “statlimit” and alarms page to monitor signal statistics
  • All channel settings now follow correct device channels if order is changed
  • Setups can now be imported from compatible rwx and datx files
  • Processing stages can now be enabled/disabled on a per-channel basis
  • Assisted plugin editor added
  • The stage at which duplicated channels are derived can now be controlled
DS Data Acquisition Software-Computed Channels
Computed Channels in DS Data Acquisition Software
DS Data Acquisition Software-Statlimit Plugin
Statlimit Plugin in APEX DS Software

DX with DM Integration

DX Offline Analysis Software-Signal Math
Signal Math Element Feature in DX Offline Analysis Software

DX Offline Data Analysis Software

APEX DX 2021.50 release now includes signal math feature and updates have been made improving processing speeds for all file types. Similar to APEX DS, phase calculations have been enhanced. Also DX features history plot creation vs other parameters and order tracking data in DS now supported in DX.

Full List of Improvements:

  • Signal Math added
  • Phase calculations improved
  • Additional tach channel setup options: rising/falling edge and minimum signal amplitude for decoding
  • Processing Speeds improved for all file types, greatly improved for simple CSVs
  • Parameter history plots can now be created vs other parameters (#102559, #102313)
  • Speed reference for Tracking / Bode plots now appears on plot as text in top left corner (#102607)
  • Peak Noise plugins, noise1stoa, noisebias, noisecfl, noisethpk, noiseovr, noiserem, and noisesum now correctly create signal statistics in viewer (#102319)
  • Zeros are written for empty data in Pramater CSV Exports (#102508)
  • Ordertrack Plugin in DS data now supported in DX (#102545)
  • Time zones are now read correctly in rwx files (#102544)
  • MATLAB RAW files now export correctly (#102552
  • “Show Export Directory” now functions as expected (#102553)
  • “All Statistics” Order Peaks Export – removed extra 5 peaks columns that should not be present (#102509)
  • Single FFT for multiple Adv. DSP elements now yields correct results when processed without Viewer (#102589, #102420)
  • Peak noise plugins that require a speed parameter now function with speeds created by parameter math (#102484)
  • Order Zmods now export correctly in batch (#102325)
  • Fixed query filters for response detection tables (#102375)
  • Filename string option will now appear after choosing export directory for tabulated files (#102365)
  • Batch export memory leak fixed (#102382)
  • Auto Setting added to Z axis for Campbell, Zmod and Order Zmod plots. (#102419)
  • Fixed parameters for export – parameters that are not in the file will no longer be added to the export (#102413)
  • Fixed plot title edit crash (#102615)
  • Linked markers are no longer drawn outside of plot bounds
  • Linked markers are turned off by default

DM Data Management Software

APEX DM 2021.50 is now available for Windows OS! DM remembers the last destination for “Find File” as well as features an “Open File Location” button and a “Duplicate Transfer Rules” button. Also, a download confirmation has been added.

Full List of Improvements:

  • DM is now available for Windows
  • DM Remembers last destination for “Find File”
  • Added “Open File Location” button
  • Download confirmation added (#102534)
  • “Duplicate Transfer Rules” button added
  • TRIAD licensing added (#102486)
  • Multiple file-format related crashes fixed
  • DM no longer holds files open
  • Fixed crash after adding a transfer rule between two folders on the same system and copying a .rwx file into the source folder
  • Fixed file watching crash on Windows
  • Fixed cell-drawing crash
  • Fixed transfer rules timeout default values
  • Documentation for running DM in a headless state has been updated

SDR Converter

The SDR Converter has some major changes! Ansys converter now works completely off of RST result files(compressed or non-compressed RST files). CDB’s are no longer required for Ansys SDR conversions. This converter update supports NX Nastran output OP2 files for cases 401 and 103 for previous versions as well as 2021. GageMap’s newly updated SDR Converter also handles the latest Abaqus API, however, versions prior to 2018 will no longer work properly.
Compatible with the following versions:
Ansys: 2019 R2, 2019 R3, 2020 R1, 2020 R2, 2021 R1, 2021 R2
Abaqus: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
NX Nastran: 2019, 2020, 2021
For complete details on compatibility and installation requirements, please refer to GageMap’s help documentation.


Full List of Improvements:

  • Sdr Converter Custom Mode Indexes fixed — Ticket #102624

These new versions are available for download to current customers through the APEX Use Site.


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