Offline Signal Processing Software

DX-Offline Signal Processing Software

DX is an offline signal processing software designed by analysis engineers for analysis engineers.  DX simplifies the complex process of analyzing dynamic data and understanding the test.  Data can be digitally filtered and transformed into the frequency domain via the fast Fourier transform (FFT) using a variety of FFT block sizes (ensembles), window functions and other spectral techniques.  With optional upgrades, customers can perform APEX peak processing (an APEX-unique method for improving magnitude and frequency accuracy), comparison of processed results against success criteria (limit analysis), multifile processing and viewing, collections (methods for extracting important response information from a file), and exporting.  And because it reads a variety of open dynamic data formats (including DATX, UFF, ATFX, and RWX), engineers can analyze data no matter where it comes from.

The reason DX can make data analysis so simple and efficient is the Graphical Process Designer.   Engineers today want to visualize processes.  Every function needed to perform a complete data analysis – from file open to writing a report – can be graphically “programmed” using the Process Designer.  Once a process has been created, engineers can use the same process automatically from one analysis to another.  Processed data can be exported to tables or other files, or viewed interactively on the Viewer.  Drag and drop functionality makes interaction very intuitive – even fun.

DX has a wide range of plot types available including time domain, magnitude, envelope, and history.  Additional plot types, like order tracking, Z-mod and Campbell diagrams are also available.  We think you will find DX to be the easiest, fastest way to do dynamic data analysis.  Ask us about a free demo license to see for yourself.



DX-Offline Signal Processing Software-Process Designer



DX Collection Example
Collections Toolkit to extract (collect) important
spectral results based on a variety of criteria

DX Basic Features

    • Graphical representation of how raw data is processed through the use of the process designer. Create custom process paths for your data using simple graphical tools.
    • Support for drag-and-drop of data, limits, and design files.
    • Create plotable channels at various stages of your process designs by inserting scopes at the desired step of the process design. Send data in multiple directions to compare processing results.
    • Create multiple plots on one page and/or plots on multiple pages. DX includes the following plots:
      • Time
      • History
      • Magnitude
      • Envelope
      • Mag + Env
      • Tracking
      • Campbell (without a Campbell collector)
      • Peak Table
      • Z-mod

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