Offline Signal Processing Software Environment

DX-Offline Signal Processing Software

DX is an easy to use, graphical, signal processing environment that simplifies analysis and reporting of dynamic data.  DX includes everything needed to process data for a variety of applications and industries in a very intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface.  Generate fully-interactive engineering plots from one or more tests and create reports in just a few mouse clicks. The DX environment supports a wide variety of open dynamic data input formats (including DATX, UFF, ATFX, and RWX) allowing engineers to analyze data no matter where it comes from in a single, easy to use, efficient environment.

Because DX is a graphical, process oriented environment, engineers can choose from a number of pre-configured analysis processes or visually create their own by simply dragging process elements onto the canvas.  Once a process has been established, engineers can share and reuse them improving consistency, repeatability and productivity while reducing the risk of errors.  The process also serves to document the analysis providing traceability.

Signal processing in DX is multithreaded so it’s fast.  Once processed, all data can be viewed within the environment on a wide range of engineering plot types including oscilloscope, spectrum, spectrum envelope (peak hold), Campbell diagram, bode, z-mod, order z-mod, order tracking and history.  All diagrams are fully interactive and can be zoomed, and panned.  Overlays are done seamlessly so that engineers can easily understand what has happened in the test.  There is even a feature to link common axes so that zooming and panning is synchronized on linked plots.

DX includes limit monitoring to easily compare data to pass/fail criteria and features for filtering large data sets to find the most important data.  In addition to interactive replay and reporting, processed data can be exported to a variety of common file formats for sharing or other kinds of analysis.  The DX signal processing software environment makes analyzing, filtering, understanding and exporting dynamic data from one or multiple tests easy, fast, efficient and consistent.  Start your free trial today by clicking here.



Custom Plot Layout


APEX DX- Secondary Y Axis (Y2


Synchronize Plots


DX-EO Collectionjpg
Automated Response Detection (Formerly known as Collections) is a toolkit to extract (collect) important
spectral results based on a variety of criteria

Supported Data Formats

  • APEX Data Acquisition .pkx, .rwx
  • DATX Data Acquisition .datx, .datx_index, .cats
  • Pacific Instruments .raw
  • National Instruments .tdms, .tdm
  • MATLAB Binary .mat
  • Universal File Format 58& 58b .uff, .unv, .bin
  • Sony Data Acquisition .BIN
  • TEAC Data Acquisition .DAT
  • ATFX Data Format .atfx
  • CDF Data Format .cdf

Introducing Token Based Licensing!

Order Z-Mod
Order domain analysis with Rotating Machinery Toolkit.  Perform temporal (FFT) and spatial (Order) analysis. Accurately calculate phase and magnitude as it relates RPM
APEX DX-Batch File Export

Batch Processing!  This type of processing allows for numerous simultaneous file processing. 

DX Features

  • Select from, or graphically create analysis processes to share and reuse improving consistency, efficiency, and productivity
  • Process and compare data from one or multiple test data sets (files) in parallel
  • Process subsets of signals from one large file in a variety of processes at the same time.   
  • Create engineering plots in seconds
  • Interactively zoom, pan, and interrogate data on any engineering diagram
  • Link plot axes for synchronized replay and interaction
  • Create customizable, formatted engineering reports with 1-click
  • Analyze data from a variety of file formats including DATX, UFF, ATFX, and RWX
  • Automatically compare analysis results against success criteria (limits)
  • Filter large data sets using APEX proprietary collection methods for “Big-Data” trending
  • Includes a wide selection of signal processing tools for time, frequency, order domain and statistical analysis
  • Includes IIR and FIR low-pass, high-pass and band-pass digital filters, and FFT-based filters
  • Export data to a variety of other formats for use in Matlab®, Excel, or the APEX DV free viewer
  • No programming required, just install DX and go!
  • Onsite training available

Supported OS

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