DX Version 2021.29 Now Available


Video Demonstration of all newly added features to DX.

DX 2021.29 Feature


Cursor selected point linking for multiple plot types. This feature is called "Cursor Linking". Cursor linking is represented by a dotted line on Magnitude/Envelope plots and can easily be advanced to the next point with the arrow keys. Cursor linking is available for Campbell Diagrams, Tracking and Envelope plot types.

DX Feature Plot Cursor Linking
DX Feature Plot Cursor Linking
DX Feature Format Painter
Click Image for Animation

Format painter

Easily create a standardized look and feel of YOUR plots. Copy and paste plot settings from one plot to another within the DX viewer. Copy and paste plot settings like symbols, trace colors, titles, axis, and font properties.





DX 2021.29 Feature


DX 2021.29 offers two new plot types for text and graphics. Click an empty grid and choose either option to create the plot type. Text plots have options to update font properties as well as the ability to paste in preformatted tables or text. Add an image plot to the viewer the same way and adjust the image to fit the grid space.

DX Feature Text and Image Plots
DX Text and Image Plot Types

DX 2021.29 Feature

Parameter display

DX features several options to display Parameter data. Parameter data can be represented as a speedometer, LED, Temperature, and Text list.

DX Plots- Parameter Displays
DX Plots-Parameter Display
DX Plot Parameter Display Plot-LED
DX Plot Parameter Display Plot-LED

Tracking plot signal subtraction

Remove signals from tracking plots.

DX Version 2021.29

  • Linked Cursors
  • Format Painter-Right Click>Copy/Paste Formatting On Plots
  • Added Text and Image Plots
  • Tracking Plot Signal Subtraction
  • Auto/Response Detection Tables Can Now Have Text and Labels Resized, Resolved Scaling Issue on 4K Displays
  • Updated Ribbon for Better Performance and 4K Support
  • Enhancement to Grid Resizer for 4K Displays
  • Tabulation Information for Campbell Diagrams Now Includes Extra Information Based on Markers Selected in Options Menu
  • Campbell Diagrams Can Now Be Created with Other Parameters Other Than Speed
  • FFT Zoom Added To FFT Element
  • Improved Matlab Reader
  • Fix for Split Element Bug
  • Dewesoft, HDF5, and Other File Format Driver Improvements