APEX Releases DX 2019.28-Signal Processing Software

DX now includes a new training mode where all features of DX can be accessed without using your regular analysis tokens.  This means that new users can learn how to use DX even if all your analysis tokens are being used for production work.  And of course, it can also be used by new customers who just want to try DX before they buy.  See the full list of minor improvements below:

1. Added ability to include Training files with license (102189)

2. Fixed RWX process crash with malformed setup (102179)

3. Fixed #C naming on export (102168)

4. Fixed DP Flag name on export (102183)

5. Fixed Licensing crash on Linux w/multiple users (102159)

6. Fixed USE_SERVER option in Licensing (102150)

7. Fixed issue with exporting CSV from RWX (102186, 102165)

8. Added Token counter to main window, set default token to base (102125)

9. Fixed Permanent license indicator (102125)

10. Fixed Token Manager to show token counts properly over 999 (102125)

11. Fixed missing DX icon on windows (102173)

12. Added ability to export additional peaks as CSV (101528)



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