Online Monitoring Software

DR Real-Time Monitoring Station Software

APEX DR is an Online Monitoring Software.  Interface to APEX DS Data Acquisition Software with subscription based monitoring on one or many monitoring stations.

DR Monitoring Stations
DR Online Monitoring Software Version 2018.1

DR Features

    • Many DR monitoring stations can be used for very large channel-count tests where many engineers need to monitor and analyze the data at the same time.
    • DR offers subscription based monitoring allowing users to view all signals, or user-specified signals. This provides a significant amount of flexibility for users who desire to see a subset of channels and also allows test operators to assign channels as needed to various DS units.
    • DR can run on the data acquisition control computer, or on monitoring station machines across the room, or across the world.
    • A single DR monitoring station can connect to and monitor data from multiple DS data acquisition units.

Supported OS

Dynamic Data Analysis Viewer Software

DV Free Dynamic Data Analysis Viewer Software

DV is a free data viewer application for replaying files recorded on DS systems. 

DV Features

    • DV has the same capability for creating and displaying engineering diagrams as with DR
    • It can replay only APEX native format data files (RAW, PKS, RWX, PKX)
    • DV is free to download, install and use

Supported OS

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