For over 20 years, APEX has offered comprehensive turbine testing solutions from highly experienced designers and integrators that benefit turbomachinery OEM’s around the world. 
We design industry leading testing solutions world-wide!  We are your testing partner!
Turbomachinery Testing Partner

Not Just a Supplier, But a Partner

With over 20 years of knowledge in the industry, we know turbomachinery well.  This allows us to provide you with the software and COTS hardware components essential for testing and analysis.  In fact, we work together with you so that we can better understand your specific testing scenario. In other words, we work closely with you to design a custom testing solution consisting of our software and commercial off-the-shelf hardware.  We source all the required hardware system parts.  Then we will help you integrate them to deliver a turn-key product.  

Open Source Means Flexibility

Unlike many of our competitors, APEX systems are “open architecture”.  This allows our data to become a format that is non-proprietary, public and documented.  The idea of open architecture creates network interfacing to real-time data streams.  Open architecture (API) allows you to write custom plugins for setup, control and custom clients.  APEX offers a complete set of APIs that include C-libraries, example source code, and documentation.
Seamless Integration
APEX DS 2018.52 Data Acquisition Software-Test Ops Panel
Full Hardware integration with DS Data Acquisition Software
Apex Hardware Configurations
Choose YOUR Own Hardware or Let Us Help You Choose

One Software with Your Choice of Hardware

Our software integrates seamlessly with a variety of commercial off-the-shelf hardware solutions.  This creates flexibility and maximizes your ROI*.  With our software, engineers only need to be trained on one interface regardless of hardware selection or application.  Seamlessly integrate dynamic data and SDAS data.  Pick whatever hardware is best for the test!

*ROI- Return on Investment

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