APEX Turbine Testing Technologies

APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, located in Spring Hill, TN, was formed in August 2000 to transition aeromechanical test and analysis technologies developed under the USAF HCF T&E Plan to the commercial turbomachinery market. Since forming over 13 years ago, APEX has been a supplier of turbomachinery test and analysis solutions and has established a proven record of delivering what we promise. Our company operates under the highest ethical standards and puts our word above our bottom line. When we promise something, we deliver it. We are tenaciously committed to customer support and service.

Our company was founded by people with a passion and a propensity for turbomachinery testing. Our engineers use this passion and their experience to guide development of our products. This assures that our solutions work the way you would expect them to. Most of the products we now offer were developed in response to real shortfalls identified in the course of doing what you do every day.

At APEX, we bring our years of industry knowledge and experience directly to you through the many solutions we provide. Our products address every phase of turbomachinery aeromechanical test and analysis to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Company Background Sheet