APEX Release GageMap 2017 3.12- Mesh-Free FEA Analysis Software

APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. is announcing the release of GageMap version 2017 3.12 with some minor bug fixes and a few feature enhancements including added support for a space mouse!  See the complete list of improvements below.


  • Versioning reverted back to Major.Minor.Micro.Tick rather than Year.Minor.Micro.Tick. This was done to better distinguish between the current generation GageMap and the next generation GageMap.
  • Licensing changed to use composite host ID’s and new APEX Host daemon. LICENSING WILL HAVE TO BE RE-KEYED. Please refer to: https://documentation.docs.edasglobal.com/FlexLicensing/migration.html
  • All GageMap products changed over to GCC 6.3 toolchain for LINUX and use of MSVC 2017 for Windows.
  • Corrected issue: Geometry loaded but no modes for files > 2 GB
  • Linux packages changed over to be in standard RPM and DEB packaging. A tar.gz archive is also available for easy extraction.
  • Linux packages removed the need for a shell wrapper.
  • Linux packages require X11 and libXcb libraries on Linux. This requirement is imposed by the graphics toolkit.

Minimum Supported Systems

  • LINUX: Linux systems must be newer or equal to RHEL 7.0 and UBUNTU 16.04
  • WINDOWS: Windows systems must be newer or equal to Windows 7.

SDR Converter (SdrConverter.exe)

  • ansys2sdr, aba2sdr, and nas2sdr have been combined into a single tool: SdrConverter.
  • ANSYS version 17, 18 and 19 supported. Earlier versions supported but no QA was performed.
  • ABAQUS API for version 2018 supported. ABAQUS API may upgrade earlier ODB files prior to conversion.
  • Permits creation of multiple jobs for conversions.


  • Fixed various issues with regards to file looping in SDRFM, GM, and exporting
  • GM.main().node() extended to include whether or not it is a mid-side node and the thickness
  • Close function added to SDRFM and GM for multiple file processing
  • All output articles have been set to use the set output path unless an absolute path is specified
  • Corrected issues with virtual mode shapes in SDRFM
  • Reduced amount of logging
  • Additional module added: SdrConverter – ansys module still supported
  • GmScript -v prints the current version of GmScript


  • Space Mouse support added
  • Added panel for adjusting sensitivities for the Space Mouse
  • Corrected issue where speed was not exported to Limits file
  • Corrects issue where setting a high number of contour levels caused a freeze
  • Non-Linear static loads strains and stresses for gage computations use the average of the imported strains/stresses from the FEA application

Known Issues

  • No support for Linux license servers. There is an issue with the new Flexera modules & GageMap with Linux based license servers that prevents serving of either GageMap or GmScript licenses.
  • Linux versions of GageMap that utilize a Windows license server may require restarting the application to acquire a valid licenses.
  • Shell element imported strain & stresses may be incorrect. Imported values for shell elements should be checked against values in the FE solver prior to beginning a GageMap analysis. The conversion process has issues consistently averaging values from the upper & lower surfaces in some instances.
  • Occasional crashes can occur in the conversion of ANSYS files. This appears to be related to the ANSYS API, and mainly for cyclic files

GageMap Software

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APEX Release GageMap 2017 3.12- Mesh-Free FEA Analysis Software

APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. is announcing the release of GageMap version 2017 3.12 with some minor bug fixes and a few feature enhancements including added support for a space mouse!


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