EDAS, Inc Works With National Instruments to Provide World-Class Vibration Test and Analysis System to the US Air Force Compressor Research Facility

EDAS, Inc announced today that it had been awarded a major contract from the United States Air Force for a comprehensive vibration data acquisition, real time monitoring and analysis system for use at the Compressor Research Facility at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.  The new system replaces obsolete equipment and greatly enhances performance and functionality for testing the Air Forces’ next generation propulsion technology.

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EDAS was selected as prime contractor for the effort.  The project is the first major collaboration between EDAS and National Instruments who was selected as the data acquisition hardware supplier.

“We are proud to serve our military by providing the most advanced technology available for testing next-generation propulsion technology. Our state-of-the-art software, combined with the NI PXI Express hardware platform will insure that the USAF will continue to lead the world in propulsion test technology. This contract is our first major win after becoming a member of the NI Alliance Partner Network and we expect many other customers will take advantage of this robust platform in the near future.”

Dr. Kurt Nichol, President/CEO Apex Turbine Testing Technologies

EDAS and NI began working together earlier this year after several customers expressed interest in a more integrated approach to purchasing data acquisition. 

‘The partnership between EDAS and NI is very beneficial for customers in this critical application area. With the expertise of EDAS in vibration monitoring of high-end machinery and trusted hardware from NI, this combination offers customers a solid solution with long-term benefits.’

Kurt Veggeberg, NI business development manager for sound and vibration and data acquisition systems

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EDAS, Inc Works With National Instruments to Provide World-Class Vibration Test and Analysis System to the US Air Force Compressor Research Facility

EDAS, Inc announced today that it had been awarded a major contract from the United States Air Force for a comprehensive vibration data acquisition, real time monitoring and analysis system for use at the Compressor Research Facility at 


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