EDAS, Inc Announces Corporate Name Change to Apex Turbine Testing Technologies


Experimental Design and Analysis Solutions, Inc. (EDAS) announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Apex Turbine Testing Technologies effective immediately.  The name change is part of a re-branding initiative to better align the Company’s name with the solutions it provides as well as future products, currently under development.

“There are many reasons for our name change, but mostly we think it better describes what we do,” said Dr. Kurt Nichol, CEO/President of Apex Turbine. “We are still under the same ownership and are still under the same management with the same staff. We are the same company.”

Dr. Kurt Nichol, President/CEO

Apex Turbine has many exciting things planned for 2015, beginning with their annual user’s conference on February 17-20 in Nashville, TN.  In January, Apex Turbine released Blade Timing (BT) version 1.0 – a brand new software product for posttest analysis of tip-timing data.  Future versions of BT will provide users with the ability to not only analyze tip timing data, but to acquire and monitor the data in real time.  This is similar to the functionality provided by DS, Apex’s flagship data acquisition and monitoring product.

“BT provides our users with an easy to use tip-timing product which does not require expert analysis experience,” said William VanFossen, Vice President of Apex Turbine. “Our goal is for BT to become the premiere real-time monitoring and post-test analysis tool for tip-timing.”

William VanFossen, Vice President

In addition to releasing future versions of BT this year, Apex Turbine will also release version 3.0 of their data analysis and post-processing software, Workflow.  Workflow 3.0 includes many new features, the highlight being the creation of customizable reports.  Apex Turbine will also release new versions of GageMap, a software tool used to determine optimum gage placement and monitoring limits, as well as DS, a software suite used for setup, control, acquisition and monitoring of dynamic test data.   DS will also continue to add support for an increasing variety of acquisition hardware platforms allowing customers to separate hardware and software purchase and management decisions.

Apex Turbine Testing Technologies is a global solutions provider specializing in turbomachinery aeromechanical testing and analysis and offers test operations and data acquisition solutions to fit unique requirements and budgets.  These solutions can include software, hardware, integration, installation and engineering services.   Apex Turbine operates under the highest ethical standards and puts our word above our bottom line. When we promise something, we deliver it. We are tenaciously committed to customer support and service.



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EDAS, Inc Announces Corporate Name Change to Apex Turbine Testing Technologies

Experimental Design and Analysis Solutions, Inc. (EDAS) announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Apex Turbine Testing Technologies effective immediately.  The name change is part of a re-branding initiative to better align the Company’s name with the solutions it provides as well as


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