NEW! Token Based Licensing

Posted by Amanda Farmer on March 12, 2019

APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc., a global leader in turbomachinery testing and analysis solutions, today announced a new simplified and a flexible, token-based licensing model for their industry leading offline signal processing and analysis products, DX and DV. Token based licensing is an all new licensing mechanism that provides customers access to all features of the APEX DX and DV data analysis products using one, flexible, simplified licensing structure. DX and DV are the first APEX

APEX DX-DATX vs RWX File Formats

Posted by Sam Nichol on January 11, 2019

Category: Apex Software
One of the more unique (and overlooked) features of APEX DX is its ability to import and read a wide variety of data formats such as DATX, UFF, and CSV files with seamless integration. One of the main selling points to our dynamic data acquisition software, APEX DS is its ability to interface with any kind of hardware and export files in various types, giving the user the ability to view flexible and accurate plots
In our product APEX DX, there are two workspaces created to streamline your dynamic data analysis process. The first is the designer tab where you can create an analysis design to process your data. The second workspace is called the viewer tab, where you can view your data with the analysis performed in the designer tab using a wide range of dynamically interactive plots. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the

New and Improved Apex User Site

Posted by Amanda Farmer on November 15, 2017

Category: Executive Blog
Five years ago at our first annual user conference in Nashville, TN we unveiled the first version of our user site to our customer base.  The site was extremely well received because it provided an improved mechanism for the delivery of purchased license keys as well as provided a streamlined process for downloading released software packages to our customers.  While we were very happy with the initial release of the site, my vision has always

Getting to Know Us

Posted by Kurt Nichol on November 8, 2017

Category: Executive Blog
I just completed a six week tour throughout a large section of Europe which was a mixture of business and pleasure.  My wife and I have been planning this for some time to coincide with the departure of our youngest son to college.  We’ve been very involved with our kids over the years and knew this would be an emotionally challenging milestone for us, so we planned the trip as kind of a diversion from