APEX Adds Rotating Machinery Toolkit to DX Offline Signal Processing Software Environment

APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. is announcing the addition of a rotating machinery toolkit which extends the capabilities of their DX offline signal processing environment to include order tracking analysis.  Order domain processing compliments a wide selection of signal processing tools for time, frequency and statistical analysis already available in the DX environment.

“This extension of our technology is for anyone that needs to perform order domain processing where highly accurate magnitude and phase analysis as a function of rotational speed is important. The DX Signal Processing Environment has significant benefit to our turbomachinery customers, as well as engineers in other disciplines, like automotive, wind, and other rotation intensive applications.”

William VanFossen, Technical Director of Apex Turbine Testing Technologies

DX, released about two years ago, is an easy to use, graphical, signal processing environment that simplifies analysis and reporting of dynamic data.  DX includes everything needed to process data for a variety of applications and industries in a very intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface.  Once processed, data from one or more tests can be displayed in fully-interactive engineering plots and custom reports can be created in just a few mouse clicks. With the rotating machinery toolkit, Bode, order z-mod and order tracking plots are now available in addition to our standard plot library which includes Campbell Diagrams and z-mods (which can both be setup against any parameter), spectrum magnitude, spectral envelope, mode tracking, frequency tracking, oscilloscope plots, orbit plots and many more!

APEX has plans to add several additional toolkits to the DX environment including acoustics and tip-timing allowing customers to choose specific capabilities applicable to their industries and processes.  

“Our software development team has done a great job of modularizing our source code repository to position us for growth and reduced product development time. The DX signal processing environment is a great example of our ability to rapidly extend our engineering background to benefit our existing customers and to allow us to penetrate new markets.”

Dr. Kurt Nichol, President/CEO of Apex Turbine Testing Technologies

Order Z-Mod

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