Mesh-Free FEA Analysis Software


Gagemap will help you achieve superior test results through superior test preparation.  Apply strain gages and accelerometers to your finite element model independent of the mesh anywhere you want, or let Gagemap do it for you. Gagemap has a proven track record for streamlining test preparation making it the product most major gas turbine manufacturers use to get the most from their test budget.


GageMap Software-HCF Fatigue Assessment
Perform High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Assessments Based On Test Data
GageMap-Mannually Mapping Strain Gages

Key Features:

  • Interface with major commercial finite element packages Ansys, Abaqus and Nastran
  • Create/edit virtual strain gages
  • Compute optimum sensor placement based on a variety of user-selectable criteria
  • Establish sensor limits and success criteria for monitoring and analysis
  • Perform High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) assessments based on test data
  • Validate your finite element model based on strain data or scanning laser vibrometry
  • Extract strains and displacements for direct comparison to experimental results. Output is in the sensor coordinate system.
  • Optionally compute surface strains/stresses over the entire FE model by enforcing plane stress

A Gagemap scripting upgrade is available that allows Gagemap operations to be performed outside the GUI so repetitive tasks can be automated.

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